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mergermarket and XTract Research Collaborate to Launch MergerDocs

19 May 2011

mergermarket, in a joint collaboration with its sister company, Xtract Research, is pleased to introduce Merger Documents, a new offering that integrates mergermarket’s extensive Deals Database with Xtract’s comprehensive library of merger-related filings.

Designed to assist law firms, corporates, private equity firms and investment banks with research related to merger agreements, Merger Documents make it possible for subscribers to access a robust collection of US-only SEC merger-related filings, and extract precedent language from multiple documents in a matter of seconds.

The new product saves time and valuable resources, with one click using the Merger Document “Search and Extract” function users can:

  • Extract entire sections or defined terms into one Word document, providing easy analysis of current trends
  •  Quickly search specific sections or defined terms across a series of merger agreements to pinpoint similar language in multiple deals
  •  Search entire agreements for key words or phrases to find a subset of securities with similar features

For more information regarding MergerDocs please email