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Debtwire Launches Debtwire Municipals

23 August 2011

Debtwire today announced that it has launched a new and exciting service in the municipal investment world: Debtwire Municipals (DW Muni).

Providing independent and forward-looking intelligence on high yield/unrated, stressed and restructuring municipal credits, DW Muni’s highly experienced analyst and investigative reporter team speaks directly with key players in and around a municipal credit situation to bring credible and actionable intelligence in a timely and efficient manner.  DW Muni provides this to clients in real time via customized email alerts as well as on its user-friendly web based platform.


DW Muni currently covers over 120 municipal obligors within the high yield/unrated, stressed and restructuring segments of the market as well as across all sectors and subsectors, including tobacco, toll roads, healthcare systems, industrial development, continuing care retirement communities, charter schools and higher yielding tax backed issuances.

With plans to continue to grow and expand coverage exponentially going forward, DW Muni has already received accolades for distinct coverage on key municipal credits such as West Penn Allegheny, Fiddler’s Creek, the City of Harrisburg and the MoU discussions relating to tobacco bonds – some samples of which are provided below.

Debtwire Municipals Team:

The DW Muni team is comprised of highly experienced investigative reporters and analysts, all with significant municipal investment, restructuring and/or local municipality coverage backgrounds, and all are based in New York. The team is always accessible to clients to address questions or concerns relating to any of the DW Muni coverage.

DW Muni also has a reporting stringer base that scours local and regional press for items that are relevant to an evolving municipal credit story and posts them daily to the website and through email alerts.

For more information regarding DW Muni please contact or call +1(212) 500-1384.