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Debtwire Launches Asia-Pacific Loan Coverage

15 November 2011

Debtwire today announced the official launch of Debtwire Asia-Pacific’s enhanced loan coverage. The new product will focus on LBOs, corporate acquisition loans, project financing and refinancings.

Debtwire Asia Loans delivers actionable intelligence to the market on primary loan transactions across Asia-Pacific, offering our readers insight into upcoming deals, as well as details on lead arrangers, deal structures, pricing, allocation, and credit agreements for ongoing deals.

The product will focus on uncovering opportunities in the loan market before they are announced and provide the banking community with unparalleled clarity on current and future deals.

The team, based in Hong Kong and Singapore, tracks over 60 deals and is rapidly adding more to the universe.

In addition to providing subscribers with insight into the primary loan market, Debtwire Asia Loans will provide color on overall secondary market activity, as well as selective trades. To complement our proprietary intelligence, the service will aggregate and summarize company announcements and news in real time, provide non-proprietary articles concerning the loan market, lending trends and other topics of interest to our clients.

For more information please contact Tom Wadham on or call +852 2158 9727