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About Us

The Mergermarket Group is a media company which provides the advisory, corporate and financial communities with forward-looking intelligence, analysis and data that you simply can't get anywhere else.

Many of the world’s principal advisory firms, investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, private equity firms and corporates subscribe to our products. The unparalleled intelligence they have access to enables them to remain firmly on top of the latest market developments. And our email alert service allows our subscribers to track all those developments in real time on their favorite mobile device.

Founded in 2000, we’ve expanded rapidly and now have over 1,000 staff in 65 locations around the world. We’re widely recognised as the most significant provider of global corporate financial news, intelligence and analysis, and it’s our 500-strong team of specialist journalists and analysts that sets us apart.

The proprietary intelligence and in-depth analysis they produce enables our subscribers to spot new business opportunities, increase their revenues and keep several steps ahead of the competition.

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