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Careers opportunities with Mergermarket Group

Healthcare Content Analyst

BioPharm Insight, Boston

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At Infinata, we turn information into insight. Our corporate philosophy has always been focused on our clients business needs so we design the data solutions and technology around their end goals. Clients continue to choose Infinata primarily due to the reliable and proprietary nature of our data and intelligence, flexible solutions, streamlined user experience, and unrivaled personal support.


The Healthcare Content Analyst position aim to help support the intersection between the science, the business, and the technology. We are looking for someone with a strong background in the life sciences to consult on new development projects within our BioPharm Suite of online, market research databases. The ideal candidate has insight into the pharmaceutical industry, strong interest in research and the ability to communicate clearly. This role helps “bridge the gap” between accurate life sciences/clinical data, client’s business needs, and our underlying data platform.


Role Responsibilities

  • Consult with product manager and senior members of development, research, and UX teams to refine project outlines from a scientific standpoint.
  • Understand our clients’ needs from a business perspective and translate that to a logically structured plan from a technical and scientific perspective.
  • Ad-hoc analysis on key industry topics and markets, clinical pipelines, financial indicators, and epidemiology.
  • Support of the research team in larger initiatives and new developments
  • Acquire knowledge on the BioPharm Suite of products and our client base


Role Requirements

  • BA or BSc in the life sciences or mathematical disciplines
  • MSc, PhD or MD in the life sciences is preferred (preferably biology/chemistry)
  • 2-5 years experience of life sciences research, analysis in the pharmaceutical industry, market research, or data consulting
  • Strong internet research skills
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • The ability to merge scientific knowledge with business applications to deliver logical and structured recommendations regarding content within our platforms.
  • Familiarity with online market research databases is preferred

Example Projects

Background: Our online offering allows users to search for various types of large molecule drugs (ex. antibodies)

o Issue: We want to add in more flexibility for users search by more detailed drugs (ex. monoclonal antibodies v. polyclonal antibodies)

o Content Analyst’s Responsibilities

  • Consult with product manager on classifications for inclusion from a scientific and user perspective (ex. should we include bi-specific antibodies? Does that make up the full universe of antibodies and is it something users want?)
  • Consult with PD on classifications and hierarchies from a scientific standpoint so PD can accommodate a data structure to support the scientific integrity (ex. determine mutually exclusive classifications, identify overlaps between various classifications, and define parent-child relationships).
  • Consult with Research and PD teams to build precise definitions for that classification, its ongoing tracking, and quality assurance of that classification. Are there rules that can be applied automatically across various drug classes? (ex. should every antibody drug also be tagged as having an injectable route of administration?).

Background: Infinata has built several internal lists that are used to link and classify data (ex. A list of drug mechanisms and molecular targets in the human body like PD-1 Inhibitor).

o Issue: It’s not always intuitive for users to identify what they’re looking for or for research to classify data, especially with all the abbreviations and changes in the pharmaceutical industry. (ex. Each mechanism target may have 2-10 synonyms and new targets are discovered every year. PD-1, PD-L1, programmed death 1 inhibitor).

o Content Analyst’s Responsibilities:

  • Consult with product manager and head of research on industry standard taxonomy (ex. is there a universally recognized source or “Gold Standard” that we can leverage instead).
  • Evaluating existing taxonomy/syntax and working with PD to implement enhancements (ex. identify duplicate molecular targets within our internal list, build out intelligence synonym lists that allows more intuitive searching, etc.).
  • Consult with PD/head of research on improving research and data aggregation processes related to those classifications. Are there any noticeable points of failure? Are there specific sources we should leverage? Are there rules that can be applied automatically across various drug classes?

Background: Sometimes clients may come to us and ask for data-pulls or recommendations on using the tool to identify data classified in a way we don’t already classify it.

o Issue: If this requires technical resources to pull data from the backend databases, that person may not have the scientific background to write intelligence code based on the client’s request. There may not be resources available from the research team to aid.

o Content Analyst’s Responsibilities:

  • Work with team(s) fielding the request to make sure the request is fully understood and the output to them is accurate from a scientific standpoint. Are there any “gray-areas” we need to be aware of?
  • Work with PD to develop rules to identify that segment of information (ex. if the user wants a list of Immuno-oncology drugs, but we don’t have a flag for I-O, is there another way to combine existing classifications to identify the data they need like searching on a combination of the most common mechanism targets in I-O).