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Remark is the events, publications and digital media division of Mergermarket Group. In partnering with Remark, your organization can enhance its brand profile through thought leadership, via three distinct platforms:

Remark helps bring to light the most relevant and newsworthy trends within the M&A, private equity, distressed debt investing, restructuring and the broader capital markets, across a variety of industry sectors, geographical regions and practice areas.

Sponsorship of a Remark initiative will enable your firm to showcase its expertise within an industry sector, geographical region or practice area.

It’s also an excellent way to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Make new contacts
  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Meet your marketing objectives

Brand perception studies

Remark also conducts brand perception studies, enabling you to gain detailed insight into exactly how your organization is viewed by your clients, competitors and the wider market.


To find out more about our upcoming events, publications, videos or webcasts, or to talk to us about how you can benefit from our sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

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