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Our executive team

Hamilton Matthews. CEO, Mergermarket Group

Hamilton Matthews


Instrumental in developing the strategy for the Group’s specialist range of business intelligence products, Hamilton leads a group of dynamic, entrepreneurial and dedicated individuals who are skilled at identifying the best opportunities to ensure the continued expansion of the Group.

His vision is for the Group to be recognised as the most significant provider of global corporate financial intelligence and analysis, with clients accessing this information as their first port of call, on a daily basis. To achieve this, Hamilton’s strategic focus is set firmly on further development of new products and exploring new acquisition possibilities.

Previous experience

Hamilton joined Mergermarket in 2001 and has 18 years’ experience in financial information, including five years at Thomson Financial where he was Sales Director for the Investment Banking and Capital Markets division.


  • Liverpool University BSc (Hons) in Psychology
Jonathan Gomer. Chief Financial Officer, Mergermarket Group

Jonathan Gomer

Chief Financial Officer

As well as responsibility for finance and accounting, Jonathan oversees the Group’s legal, HR and corporate finance matters. He was head of the Group’s new product development team before becoming CFO in 2009.

Previous experience

Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in finance and publishing with Pearson Plc, where he worked for The Economist, the Financial Times and Financial Times Business. He joined the Mergermarket Group in 2007, following our acquisition by the FT Group.

Education & Professional Memberships

  • Jonathan is a qualified accountant and a Business and Finance graduate of Middlesex University Business School.
Ross Heritage. Chief Technology Officer, Mergermarket Group

Ross Heritage

Chief Technology Officer

Ross is responsible for leading the IT, Technology, and Technical Operations teams across the group. As well as ensuring the existing product range is supported 24/7, he is leading the product development initiatives in the refresh of the Group’s core products and platform. He joined the Group in May 2014.

Previous experience

Ross has 14 years experience in the IT industry, working across the media and publishing sectors. Prior to joining the Mergermarket Group, he led the online technology teams for Springer Science+Business Media, and was Chief Architect at the BBC before that.


  • University of Sussex, BSc (Hons) in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence
Marc Katz. Managing Director, Americas., Mergermarket Group

Marc Katz

Managing Director, Americas.

Marc oversees the commercial responsibilities of the Mergermarket Group businesses in the Americas. He also explores new growth opportunities, both organic and via acquisition.

He joined the Group in 2003 to assist with the launch of Mergermarket into North America. Since that time Mergermarket Group has grown to include multiple services as well as two additional businesses, Infinata and Xtract Research.

Previous experience

Prior to joining the Mergermarket Group, Marc held senior level positions with Thomson Financial, overseeing their Investment Banking products and services.


  • Boston University, BS in Business Administration
Angus McIntosh. Managing Director, EMEA, Mergermarket Group

Angus McIntosh

Managing Director, EMEA

Based in our London EMEA headquarters, Angus is responsible for leading the Mergermarket Group’s commercial and strategic activities across the region. He joined the Group in 2002 and, since then, has held senior management positions in both America and Asia-Pacific, where he launched the Mergermarket service in New York and opened our office in Sydney, Australia.

Previous experience

Angus has 14 years’ experience in sales. Prior to joining the Mergermarket Group, he worked for Thomson Financial


  • University West of England, BA (Hons) in Business Studies.
Ken Meehan. Editor in Chief, Debtwire, Mergermarket Group

Ken Meehan

Editor in Chief, Debtwire

Ken defines the focus and direction for Debtwire’s debt market coverage across the globe, while ensuring its editorial service is always in step with what clients need. He brings a critical eye to Debtwire’s ongoing reporting in order to maximize value for readers.

Previous experience

He has 12 years’ experience in the leveraged credit market, with ten of those dedicated to financial journalism. Prior to joining Debtwire in 2005, Ken worked for the Thomson Reuters publication, International Financing Review. Before that, he spent two years at Securities Data Corporation which provided him with a solid background of the syndicated loans market.


  • Boston University, BA in Economics
  • Graduate of New York University’s Formal Credit Training Program
  • Trained in Fixed Income Portfolio Management
Jonathan Reed. Managing Director, Debtwire, Mergermarket Group

Jonathan Reed

Managing Director, Debtwire

Jonathan brings focus and commercial awareness to his role as Global Managing Director. He is responsible for Debtwire’s commercial operations, product development and strategy in all the territories in which it operates.

Previous experience

Jonathan’s background includes rolling-out businesses into new markets. As Head of Sales for the Americas, he introduced Debtwire to North and Latin America and helped build the commercial side of Debtwire after its launch in Europe. Before he joined Mergermarket Group in 2002, Jonathan worked at ING on its UK Institutional Equity Sales desk and at Goldman Sachs group.


  • University West of England, BA (Hons) in Business Administration
Simon Anam. Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Mergermarket Group

Simon Anam

Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Simon leads the Group’s commercial, operational and strategic activities throughout Asia-Pacific. Since joining the Mergermarket Group in 2000, he has held several senior positions, including founding and running Remark, our global publishing and events division.

Previous experience

Simon covered investment banking and private equity for Egon Zehnder International.


  • Cambridge University, MA in English
Yanita Morris. Editor in Chief, Global Equities, Mergermarket Group

Yanita Morris

Editor in Chief, Global Equities

As Editor in Chief of Global Equities, Yanita Morris manages the editorial teams of Mergermarket, Dealreporter and PaRR globally. She is responsible for managing journalists and collaborating with equity analysts in over 50 countries around the world, establishing editorial policies and developing new coverage areas that help grow the group’s business.

Previous experience

Yanita has more than 12 years’ experience as an on-the-ground reporter, covering risk arbitrage, credits and hybrid markets, and international securities laws in North America, Europe, Russia & CIS and Asia Pacific. Before joining Dealreporter in 2002, she was a credit analyst at European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and at Dana Commercial Credit.

Education & Professional Memberships

  • Cass Business School, Masters in Finance
  • Member of CFA Institute

Our senior management group

Giovanni Amodeo. Global Editor in Chief, Mergermarket, Mergermarket Group

Giovanni Amodeo

Global Editor in Chief, Mergermarket

In addition to managing Mergermarket’s global team of journalists, Giovanni’s responsibilities include seeking new growth areas, moderating and speaking at M&A events and hiring new talent. He also comments regularly about the markets on TV and gives academic lectures.

Previous experience

Giovanni joined Mergermarket in 2001 and has held a number of positions within the company, including Frankfurt Bureau Chief, Italian Correspondent, telecommunications, leisure and media reporter and research analyst, based in London. Prior to this, he worked with Commerzbank in Germany.

Education & Professional Memberships

  • University of Brescia, degree in Economics
  • Giornalista Pubblicista enrolled at the Journalist Corporation in Milan
Luella Atabaki. Global Head of Marketing & PR, Mergermarket Group

Luella Atabaki

Global Head of Marketing & PR

Luella develops the go-to-market plans for the Mergermarket Group’s portfolio of businesses worldwide, and oversees its three regional marketing teams. She joined the Group in 2012 and headed up marketing and PR for Europe, Middle East and Africa before taking up her current position.

Previous experience
After emigrating from New Zealand to London, Luella has worked with organisations to strengthen their customer relationships and grow their market presence. Her experience includes five years at LexisNexis, where she managed marketing for several key customer groups and markets.

Education and Professional Memberships

  • Victoria University Wellington: Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
John Brokos. Head of Research, Hedge Fund Products, Mergermarket Group

John Brokos

Head of Research, Hedge Fund Products

John joined the Mergermarket Group in 2001, working as a graduate M&A researcher for Mergermarket. He then moved across to help build the analytical side of Dealreporter. He now manages the research and data side of the Group’s two hedge fund products, Dealreporter and Debtwire.

An independent thinker, John’s key areas of expertise are in Merger and M&A-related Arbitrage, Stressed Credits, and Restructuring.


  • Athens University of Economics and Business, BSc in International and European Economic Studies
  • Birkbeck College, University of London, MSc in Finance
Natasha Brooks. Commercial Managing Director, Xtract Research, Mergermarket Group

Natasha Brooks

Commercial Managing Director, Xtract Research

Natasha joined the Mergermarket Group in 2004 and has commercial responsibilities for Xtract Research’s global operations. With a talent for new business growth and generation, she launched Xtract Research’s European business from a start-up situation in 2010 and ensured its subsequent growth into the leading provider of covenant analysis in the European fixed income market.

Previous experience

Since 2004, Natasha has held a number of positions within the company starting out at Debtwire and moving on to manage the group’s healthcare information business. Natasha’s experience prior to the Mergermarket Group includes six years at Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc during which time she set up a business introducing start-up hedge fund managers to service providers.


  • University of Cambridge, BA (Hons), Geography
Ilan Cohen. Finance Director, Mergermarket Group

Ilan Cohen

Finance Director

Ilan is in charge of managing the Group’s global accounts team, with overall responsibility for group financial and management reporting; regulatory reporting and filings, accounting systems and internal controls.

His particular focus is on ensuring the integrity of the Group-wide accounting system and on delivering a robust service to the business that contributes to achieving our strategic objectives.

Previous experience

Ilan joined the Mergermarket Group in 2004, having previously worked at Deloitte Touche Thomatsu and the funds management division of Bankers Trust Australia.

Education & Professional Memberships

  • University of New South Wales, Sydney, B.Com/Law
  • Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
  • Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Jonathan Goor. Managing Director, Inframation Group, Mergermarket Group

Jonathan Goor

Managing Director, Inframation Group

Jonathan joined the Mergermarket Group in 2002 and  is responsible for Inframation Group’s commercial operations. Since Mergermarket Group’s acquisition of Inframation Group in August 2012, Jonathan has been working with the existing management to help integrate the business, identify relevant synergies and new business growth opportunities within the global infrastructure markets.

Previous experience

Jonathan helped launch MergerID in 2009 and grew the business successfully before its recent sale to Intralinks. Prior to this Jonathan managed the EMEA sales team for Mergermarket for 5 years. Before joining the Mergermarket Group, Jonathan gained a background in global Sales for four years with Thomson Financial.


  • University of Northumbria, BA (Hons), International Business Studies
Ruth McHenry. Managing Director, Infinata, Mergermarket Group

Ruth McHenry

Managing Director, Infinata

Ruth joined Infinata in 2003 straight from University and has a background in data systems management and analytics in the financial services and life sciences sectors. Seven years later, she became Managing Director and is now responsible for the direction and growth of Infinata’s product lines, its software platforms, and the custom data warehousing & analytics solutions it builds and hosts for clients.


  • Boston College, Carroll School of Management, BSc in MIS & Marketing
Marc Talbot. Global Head of CRM, Mergermarket Group

Marc Talbot

Global Head of CRM

Marc leads the Group’s team of global CRM consultants operating in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. He applies his detailed product knowledge and CRM experience to ensure all our clients consistently enjoy excellent levels of customer service.

Previous experience

Marc developed his outstanding communications and people management skills within the Mergermarket Group. He began his career with the Mergermarket research team in 2000 before joining the CRM team in 2001. In 2004 he moved to New York to help set up the office, before returning to the UK in 2007 to take up his current Group-wide role.


  • University of Lincoln, BA (Hons) in Accountancy and Finance
Erik Wickman. Managing Director, Remark, Mergermarket Group

Erik Wickman

Managing Director, Remark

Erik is a commercial strategist with 15 years’ experience in the financial information and publishing industries. As Managing Director of Remark he has global responsibility for all sales, editorial, research and operational activity.

Previous experience

Before joining the Mergermarket Group in 2005, Erik worked for Forrester Research and the Seybold division of Ziff-Davis/Key3Media. He also served eight years in the US Army reserve.


  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, BA in Political Science and Economics