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Infinata provides web-based solutions which help organizations in the Life Sciences and Financial Services industries turn information into insight.


Infinata‘s Enterprise Division delivers custom data and business intelligence solutions to banks, asset managers, and pharmaceutical firms. Solutions range from small reporting and analytical platforms to multi terabyte data warehouses. Our clients use our solutions to achieve timely business analysis, standardization of metrics, and faster decision-making through broader access to information.

Financial Services

Infinata‘s Financial Services Suite includes web-based information solutions tailored for Financial Advisors, Private Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, and Institutional Sales teams. Our products provide easy access to insight and editorial intelligence to identify prospects and referrals. The flagship products:
  • HNW Insight – wealth creating events on millions of HNW individuals, plus deep profiles of professional experience, board memberships, and foundations intermediaries.
  • Wealthmonitor – Identify new wealth being created as a result of potential and announced liquidity events, plus deep profiles on 100k+ shareholders and advisors.
  • Plan Sponsor Insight – Intelligence on institutional Plan Sponsors and Foundations / Endowments, including details on the consultants, investment managers, and other related advisors.

Life Sciences

Infinata‘s Life Sciences products BioPharm Insight, BioPharm Clinical, and BioPharm Devices provide real-time forward-looking insight and intelligence for business development, competitive intelligence, and clinical operations professionals in the Biotech, Pharma, and Medtech industries. These offerings provide comprehensive analysis of: the drug development life cycle, from drug discovery to international regulatory approvals and marketing authorizations, upcoming patent expiry dates, consensus sales projections, detailed company profiles, contact info for key decision makers, clinical investigator profiles, and fact-based proprietary editorial coverage from our global network of journalists.
Visit the Infinata website
Visit the Infinata website
Who benefits?
  • Pharma / Biotechs
  • CROs / SMOs / Pharma service providers
  • Banks
  • Asset managers
  • Financial advisors
  • Private wealth managers
  • Institutional wealth managers
  • BioPharm Insight
  • BioPharm Devices
  • BioPharm Clinial
  • High New Worth Insight
  • Plan Sponsor Insight

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