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Changing of the guard: SEC rulemaking under new leadership

Changing of the guard: SEC rulemaking under new leadership

16 February 2017

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The Trump administration continues to signal that changes to financial regulations are forthcoming. As the Securities and Exchange Commission prepares for a change in leadership, how will the agency’s priorities change?

Toppan Vite, a trusted financial printing and communications company, in partnership with Mergermarket, asked three leading corporate governance experts to find out.

Points of discussion include:

  • What will be at the top of the agenda for the incoming SEC commissioner?
  • Will the SEC adopt a universal proxy form? And how would this adoption impact corporate governance and activist conflicts?
  • How useful is Regulation A+ at opening the doors to fundraising for smaller firms?
  • What are the key updates to the US GAAP taxonomy for XBRL in 2017?

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