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Prognosis positive: Pharma and biotech M&A outlook

Prognosis positive: Pharma and biotech M&A outlook

20 March 2017

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Overall M&A activity in 2016 may have fallen short of 2015’s record highs, but dealmaking in the pharma and biotech sector remained consistent. Mid-market activity in this sector showed the most resilience last year, producing 98 deals among pharma and biotech companies in North America. Top targets included Derma Sciences at US$172m, Sentynl Therapeutics at US$171m, and Savara Inc. at US$115m. With deals already in the pipeline and a new year ahead, will the sector continue to hold its ground?

Mergermarket, in association with Firmex, a virtual data room provider, interviewed four experienced dealmakers to find out the dynamics at play for North America’s pharma and biotech sector in the year ahead.

Points of discussion include:

  • What is driving the trend of buying early-stage companies and how long will it continue?
  • Is the decrease in the venture funding of life sciences companies related to the availability of venture dollars or a decline in worthy targets in the market?
  • What can the market expect from biotech IPOs in 2017?