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William Fry M&A Review 2016

William Fry M&A Review 2016

01 March 2017

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Mergermarket is pleased to present the William Fry M&A Review. This report provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the Irish M&A market during 2016, and discusses trends for the year ahead including the potential effects of Brexit on the Irish M&A market.

Against the backdrop of a buoyant 2014 and 2015, Irish M&A performance in 2016 was impressive – however, a closer look reveals a normalising market.

Volume increased 3% from 125 deals in 2015 to 129 deals in 2016. However, volume levels contracted or remained the same in each successive quarter of the year.

Value also increased yearly by 65% to €26.8bn – however, this was largely down to US industrial Johnson Controls’ €14.9bn purchase of fire and security provider Tyco. Excluding this deal, value contracted 27% to €11.8bn compared with 2015.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • Going outside: Outbound deals accounted for 40% of total Irish M&A, higher than several European peers including France, the UK and Germany.
  • Private equity (PE) snapshot: PE deal value was down by 51% from €8.6bn to €4.2bn.
  • Sector watch: A number of key sectors saw strong activity by volume, including telecoms, media and technology (16%), financial services (12%), business services (13%) and industrials and chemicals (12%).