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European Distressed Debt Market Outlook 2017

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31 January 2017

The majority of survey respondents expect the volume of European restructurings to hit its next peak in 2017, according to Debtwire Europe’s 13th European Distressed Debt Market Outlook, produced in association with Greenhill and Orrick. With Trump and Brexit both confounding pollsters against all odds, investors are a lot more wary over further geopolitical shocks as several looming key European elections pose potential pitfalls this year. Read more
European leveraged debt fights back

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30 January 2017

We are pleased to present European leveraged debt fights back, published in association with White & Case. Using data from Debtwire Analytics and Xtract Research, the report highlights the key factors and trends that are driving leveraged loan allocations and high yield bond issuance across Europe and the rest of the world. Highlights of the report include: Combined European leveraged loan and high yield bond issuances stood at €222 billion by the end of 2016, up from €179 billion in 2015.This was mostly made up by the leveraged loan market, which saw €135 billion-worth of issuance. Read more
Monthly M&A Insider – January 2017

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26 January 2017

2016 may not have surpassed the record highs of last year, with 670 fewer deals and an 18.1% decrease in overall value, but it did provide plenty of trends and milestones to examine for the year ahead. North America ended its third-highest valued year on Mergermarket record (since 2001), with deals totaling US$1.5tn. Meanwhile, Europe claimed the highest volume with 6,756 deals. Read more
Q4 2016 Baker McKenzie Cross-Border M&A Index

Download Q4 2016 Baker McKenzie Cross-Border M&A Index

24 January 2017

With global events remaining turbulent and unpredictable throughout Q4 2016, this quarter’s Baker McKenzie Cross-Border M&A Index dipped very slightly on the previous quarter but overall market conditions look good for long-term dealmaking. Uncertainty in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, coupled with shockwaves from the US election result as well as ongoing political destabilization in Europe and slower deal activity coming out of China have certainly had a downward effect on M&A year on year but the market has remained fairly resolute quarter on quarter. Read more
Investing in Myanmar

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24 January 2017

Foreign investors overwhelmingly agree: a new Myanmar is opening for business, and conditions in this emerging economy in Southeast Asia will become increasingly friendly to foreign capital in the year ahead. These favorable opinions are founded on the country’s transition from more than 50 years of military rule to a fledgling democracy. Recent elections have put a new government in power that recognizes the need and importance of foreign capital to develop the country and is rolling out measures to encourage further inflows. Read more
Get the most from your portfolio

Download Get the most from your portfolio

23 January 2017

The majority of global consumer products businesses believe their current strategic portfolio optimization process is doing the job and generating improved growth, but the reality does not necessarily live up to that perception. EY’s new report Get the most from your portfolio, published in association with FT Remark (part of the Mergermarket Group), outlines five steps that can help consumer products companies deliver on top-line growth and total shareholder return targets. Read more
New horizons: How diverse growth strategies can advance digitalisation in the insurance industry

Download New horizons: How diverse growth strategies can advance digitalisation in the insurance industry

18 January 2017

Mergermarket, in association with Willis Towers Watson, is pleased to present New horizons, the latest edition of our investigation of M&A trends in the insurance sector. The report canvassed the opinions of 200 senior-level executives within the insurance industry, split equally across the Americas, Asia and EMEA regions. Highlights from the report include: Overall, more than half the respondents (58%) said insurance lagged behind other financial services organisations on implementing digital technologies. Read more
White & Case M&A Explorer

Download White & Case M&A Explorer

11 January 2017

The White & Case M&A Explorer is a free, interactive research tool that allows users to examine data and create custom charts reflecting global M&A. It uses 10 years of Mergermarket data, and allows users to analyse M&A activity by date range, geography and sector to create market snapshots, compare activity levels and assess cross-border and domestic deal flows. Read more
Divesting for growth

Download Divesting for growth

10 January 2017

Divestments can be an important tool to develop value and propel an overall growth strategy. Whether driven by a need to realign a company’s core focus, rising asset valuations, or the impact of the greater digital transition of industry, market observers noted an uptick in divestments over the course of 2016. As we head into 2017, how will this trend evolve? Read more
Mid-Market M&A: Dealmaking opportunities in 2017

Download Mid-Market M&A: Dealmaking opportunities in 2017

03 January 2017

Uncertainty looms over North American mid-market M&A activity for the year ahead amid sliding deal activity and worldwide political volatility. 2016 saw North American mid-market dealmaking decrease through Q3, declining 25% in volume and 19% in value, year-over-year. Despite this drop, however, private equity activity remained strong with 781 PE deals valued at US$1bn. Also, inbound mid-market M&A increased throughout the year, up 21% in North America from Q1-Q3. Read more