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KPMG Russian Private Equity Survey 2009

Download KPMG Russian Private Equity Survey 2009

01 August 2009

Private Equity in Russia This report is a follow-up to KPMG’s first Private Equity in Russia study undertaken at the end of 2007. It is based on research conducted by KPMG in Russia and Mergermarket in December 2008 and January/February 2009. Mergermarket canvassed the opinions of 42 PE houses based in Western Europe and the U.S.A (‘international sample’) to uncover their views of the PE market in Russia. Read more
Deal Drivers North America HY 2009

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01 August 2009

Deal Drivers The first half of 2009 saw 1,217 deals worth roughly US$351.2bn, representing a 45.7% decrease in volume from the 2,243 deals worth US$444.6bn announced in the first half of 2008. The decline does not necessarily come as a surprise — dislocation in the credit markets has made financing hard to come by, and valuations are still clouded by economic uncertainty — but it should not distract from the variety of drivers that have kept deal activity afloat even in an unusually challenging M&A environment. Read more
Deal Drivers UK: H1 2009

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29 July 2009

Deal Drivers The UK M&A market over the first half of 2009 continued to suffer in the wake of the global financial crisis. Indeed the first six months of the year saw 257 transactions worth £21.1bn come to the market, a 66% reduction in terms of deal volumes and a 61% fall in valuations compared to the first half of 2008. Read more
Distressed M&A Outlook

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08 July 2009

Distressed M&A To gain perspective on the current distressed M&A market, Carl Marks Advisory Group LLC and Pepper Hamilton LLP have commissioned Debtwire to survey a diverse group of corporate executives, private equity practitioners, hedge fund investors and lawyers regarding the foremost issues facing distressed investors today. The volume of distressed opportunities is expected to rise considerably over the course of the year, driven by a variety of factors ranging from broad economic trends to industry-specific performance. Read more
Post-Merger Integration

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30 June 2009

Merger integration Welcome to Post-Merger Integration: The Key to Successful M&A. The success of any merger integration depends almost entirely on an effective process, yet crafting a long-term merger integration plan is one of the most challenging parts of the overall M&A process. To gain perspective on the specific obstacles this task presents, Merrill Corporation has commissioned Mergermarket to survey corporate executives and M&A professionals regarding the foremost post-merger integration issues facing dealmakers today. Read more
Restructuring today

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04 June 2009

Restructuring Clearly, time is particularly of the essence in today’s restructuring market. Liquidity constraints, risk-averse lenders, falling profitably and general market uncertainty are all beleaguering businesses across the globe. As a result, the timeframe for stabilising operations, collating an information base, bringing in advisers and mapping out a rigorous restructuring framework has never been so compressed for companies entering a restructuring process. Read more
Japanese Outbound M&A: Targeting Global Growth in Volatile Times

Download Japanese Outbound M&A: Targeting Global Growth in Volatile Times

03 June 2009

By Remark Publishing – As part of Deal Drivers Russia 2011 survey, mergermarket, in association with CMS, interviewed 100 Russian M&A and corporate finance decision makers on their outlook for the current M&A environment. Read more
Distressed M&A North America Briefing

Download Distressed M&A North America Briefing

22 May 2009

Distressed M&A The following report examines the dynamics of distressed M&A transactions in the current market as identified by the speakers of this event. Drawing from their extensive restructuring experience, panelists provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing distressed investors today, as well as a detailed forecast for the year ahead. Distressed M&A professionals are entering largely uncharted territory. Read more