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Who Benefits?

We understand your need for trustworthy corporate financial news, intelligence and analysis which is why we have a 500-strong team of experts, journalists and analysts in 65 locations around the world.

Our wealth of unparalleled business intelligence, tools and analysis help over 3,500 of the top corporate, advisory and trading organizations worldwide make more profitable business decisions every day. What makes our products different is the fact that the information we supply is actionable, proprietary intelligence that is often not yet public knowledge.

We can work with you to take advantage of the depth and breadth of our products and services. Whether it's access to exclusive origination opportunities; real-time coverage of corporate debt situations; market-critical intelligence on corporate events; covenant analysis for high yield and convertible bonds; secure online global M&A marketplace; tailored web solutions for life sciences and financial services industries; liquidity events and High Net Worth Individuals; or helping you enhance your brand through thought leadership - we have it all covered.

Take a look at the relevant products and services available to you in the different market sectors below to learn more on how our highly effective business development tools can help you seize new opportunities, enhance your investment decision process and increase your revenues.

  • "Mergermarketʼs personalized intelligence e-mails have become a ʻmust readʼ for our team and are a valuable source of inspiration. The deal database has matured to become our primary resource for trustworthy transaction information."

    Montagu Private Equity

  • "Mergermarket's daily alerts are a valuable resource further enabling us to keep up to date with our client's activities in the market and to deliver high quality, responsive, legal advice."

    Nick Tomlinson, Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

  • "Mergermarket has become part of my daily routine. Checking in for intelligence news or searching the deals database helps to keep me up to date with market activity."

    Torquest Partners

  • "Debtwire is an invaluable resource that provides timely reporting and enables me to not only keep up on news regarding my clients but also generate new business leads."

    Marotta Gund Budd & Dzera, LLC

  • " Debtwire’s coverage of active Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases is also critical when getting up to speed in a short amount of time is required. … a valuable tool for all professionals working in the distressed space. "

    Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

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